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I refused many times and eventually when night he put me in them and wore them as he wanted 24/7.

He broke up with me and then I was hooked on wearing diapers and using baby and toddler things and he trained me to play as a baby girl and suck my thumb and use bottles etc.

NASA’s newest research effort has demonstrated that the reason for this odd behavior is likely to be an incredibly hot mantle plume deep under the surface.

Don't Miss: A mantle plume, which is an area where geothermal heat generated deep within the planet pushes closer to the surface through cracks other gaps, is thought to be responsible for huge subsurface lakes and water flow underneath the ice sheet.

After you have checked out my site if you can't help please feel free to pass it on.

I want to move away from my family for personal reasons which I will explain should you ask.

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I am very sorry I have no pictures of me in my girl outfits.