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In addition, your TV episodes that are marked as 'Watched' on one machine will be marked the same on all the others - and you can start a film on one machine and continue watching from the same place on another machine. In this how-to I'll use the download map (/storage/download). Inside XBMC, go to "Settings Library" and select Export library.Select Storage and then Downloads in the screen and click OK. Choose the option to back-up the library in 1 file.Use these in place of the default line that you pasted into the editor in the last step above: At midnight every day: Allow programs on this system to control XBMC (and by default should be on).

Because of the differences I'll try to link some of the setups for the most used ones (that I can find).

This consists of installing the xbmc-send application and setting up a cron job (and enabling the Event Server).

Access the shell of your XBMC installation (either via SSH/putty or directly from the keyboard/Ctrl Alt F2) then run the following commands: Update the Aptitude local repository: You should see a quick notification box popup on your XBMC installation as soon as you press enter on the above command.

If your crontab was empty, all you will see is "# m h dom mon dow command".

Press down to start a new line and copy the following in: Press Ctrl O to save.

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