Wireless stuck at validating identity

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Create each of these accounts as normal Users and choose the expiry options (never expire, user can’t change password).We need to grant the Replicating Directory Changes permission on the domain to the DOMAIN\spups account.We are going to “do it properly” in the same way any real farm deployment would be done.It is assumed that you have installed Share Point Server 2010 in Complete mode, and have run the Share Point Configuration Wizard (SCW) to create a new Farm using DOMAIN\spfarm for the Farm Account.Pages for managing the Service Application are hosted in Central Administration and are called using a GUID in the query string.The WCFs don’t actually do any work themselves but provide an interface to calling clients and calls other elements of the system. NET assemblies that do some work with profiles and other elements which are not to do with Synchronising of properties. This should run on the machine in the farm you wish to use to host the User Profiles “Role”.We are *not* going to use the Farm Configuration Wizard (FCW).The FCW is useful when standing up demo environments and for simple single server solutions, but it is entirely inappropriate for farm deployments and takes a number of shortcuts to provision a basic setup.

Furthermore, once the SCW has completed, you have not run the Farm Configuration Wizard or made any other changes in Central Administration.There can be more than one instance of the User Profile Service Application, but there is a one to one mapping between a Service Application and the User Profile Synchronization Service Service Machine Instance or “Share Point Service”. This lives within the Share Point Foundation Web Application Service and allows Service Consumers (Web Applications) to call the Service Application. When it’s running that machine is known as the Service Machine Instance. This is a wrapper responsible for the provisioning of the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) bits.You select a UPS SA to associate with, and need to specify the credentials under which the FIM Services will run.It is also further assumed that you are not logging onto the server using the Farm Admin account or using it to access central admin!Also, I assume that you have not used a Fully Qualified Domain Name or IP Address when specifying the SQL Server when running the Share Point Configuration Wizard (PSConfig).

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