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Who was amanda bynes dating

If you refuse to give your BF a boy's night out once or twice or a week or if you insist on doing absolutely everything together, you're going to suffocate him and probably push him away.

Source: Shutter Stock As I've said a million times before, trust is a huge part of a relationship.

If he's given you a reason to not trust him, maybe it's time to move on.

If he never has, you need to give him a fair chance.

That being said, snooping through your BF's stuff is not cool. If you think something shady is going on, talk to him. Be respectful towards your boyfriend and don't do things outside of your relationship that would make you uncomfortable if he did it.

Don't skim through his text messages or hunt down his Facebook password to check out what he's doing. If you want to play the field, there's nothing wrong with that - just make sure you're single first.

although us girls are lovely, sometimes we can be the cause of a bad relationship, too.

If you’re worried about what kind of girlfriend you are, check out these signs that you just might be doing the wrong thing – and acting like a bad girlfriend.

Having a boyfriend is not that big of a deal that you need to force yourself to date one!

Source: Shutter Stock Like I said before - trust is an important part of a relationship. But if you're known as the Class Flirt and you find yourself flirting with other guys more than your boyfriend, that's not okay.

Offer to pick up the check once in a while or treat him to his favorite ice cream flavor one night.

Don't make him feel like he needs to pay for A lot of times, girls go into "fixer-upper" relationships, meaning that they want to change some things about their boyfriend to suit their needs. You need to let him be his own person, even if what he's doing is annoying you.

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Source: Shutter Stock Maybe you were really sick of being single and alone when you met your BF.