Who is ludacris dating now

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My memory tells me I was listening to King Crimson's "Court of the Crimson King" at that time and maybe the images of kings and queens and lords and ladies was lurking in my subconscious.Or was it "What Has Come Between Us" a song given to us to record that contained the lyrical chorus "Lovely Lady" that I thought sounded pretty cool that once again had seeped into my brain.Throw in Brad Delps supersonic vocals and Ya got somethin.

I made note of the film's title and thought immediately it would make a fantastic title for an album.

Both bands did a fine job for the sellout crowd at the Omni.

Tom Scholz the guitar player and keyboard wiz was the mastermind behind the group and remains so to this day.

He said whatever happened to that idea you had about naming the album The Grand Illusion.

The minute he said it I thought thank God he remembered it because I had completely forgotten about it. I sat down and attempted to write a song that could not only be a theme for the record but also the ultimate show opener.

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I mentioned it to one of my best friends Tom Short and he agreed it was way cool.