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Who is kyle massey dating

Mary’s University in Halifax and UBC in Vancouver were castigated last year for an offensive chant about non-consensual underage sex.There is a patchwork of policies on Canadian campuses, according to Jessica Mc Cormick, national chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Students, but the facts are clear: Women aged 15 to 24 experience the highest rates of sexual violence in the country, according to a 2013 Statistics Canada report that relied on police-reported data.But Senn says the university still has a lot of work to do.“I was horrified when I recently typed in ‘sexual assault’ and ‘rape’ into our website and found you don’t get any information telling you what to do or where to go if you’ve been assaulted,” she says.While some universities have tried to address the problem, new cases are making headlines every month, not to mention incidents underlining a pervasive rape culture on campuses.

The university funded the project in 2010, shortly after a bunch of male students were caught, more than once, peering into residence bathrooms as female students showered.

When she started her master’s degree at Carleton University in 2007, she co-founded a group that lobbied the school for a sexual-assault centre after a female student was attacked in a lab. “It’s ironic that campuses don’t want to talk about sexual assault because they say it’s bad for their reputation,” says Lalonde, who also helped run a sexual-assault hotline for Carleton students.

“Campuses are motivated by student enrolment and retention rates, yet we saw that students who were sexually assaulted on campus and not supported wouldn’t come back.

Lalonde says provincial governments could withhold funding from campuses that don’t have adequate support services in place.

She is now forming a national group for students, separate from student unions, dedicated solely to addressing sexual assault on campuses.

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But in a rare move, Mc Gill University hired Bianca Tétrault earlier this year as its first harm-reduction liaison officer once they discovered three Mc Gill football players had been charged in 2012 with forcibly confining and sexually assaulting a Concordia student.

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