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Who is john barrowman dating

In season one, Oliver returns to Starling City after being presumed dead for five years, shipwrecked on the remote island of Lian Yu following the loss of his family yacht.He lives a dual life—rich playboy by day and vigilante by night, targeting individuals whose names appear in a notebook given to him by his now-deceased father, Robert Queen.Their nuptials were overseen by a small Oscar Wilde doll, as every wedding should be.Not much is known about Spencer beside the fact that he’s a big music fan (The Cure and Morrisey in particular), but he’s reportedly helped Stephen find happiness again, so one can only suppose that that’s a good thing.He is discovered after being stranded for five years on an isolated island.When he returns home, Queen secretly becomes a bow-and-arrow-wielding vigilante in order to honor his father's legacy and atone for his family's sins.

Arrow follows the story of billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)., we can live vicariously through their relationships.To that end we bring you this updated compendium of gay celebrity boyfriends!Now please sit back, relax, and enjoy a mind-bogglingly comprehensive journey through the wide, wonderful world of gay celebrity boyfriends!Miles Mc Millan, 24, is no stranger to the spotlight.

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