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After accidentally hitting a guy with their car on their way to work, the guys learn that the CEO is at the office.When they see him, they realize that it's the guy they hit.Prior to the series debut on April 6, 2011, "In the Line of Getting Fired", originally aired as a special sneak peek on March 15, 2011 immediately following the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, and was never re-aired until its official debut on June 8, 2011 when it served as the season finale. After Adam and Blake prank Ders into texting a nude picture to everyone, Ders smokes marijuana after his humiliation. households but the ratings for the March 15 sneak peek were never released.The next day, they find out that a company drug test is being issued and the three men have to figure out how to pass it.Their remedies include bribery, over-the-counter medication and finally sabotage.

After Adam and Blake realize how sorry they are, they talk to their boss and put in a good word for Ders.After getting drunk, they begin to head back to the house to hang out, but are stopped at a DUI checkpoint.They flee the car, but Bradley is left in the trunk of the car after having jumped in after stealing beer from a convenience store.When Adam and Blake get tired of this treatment, they proceed to get him drunk and make him late to work the next morning by putting a bike lock around his neck, which gets Ders demoted.Adam, Blake and Ders meet Alice's brother Bradley (Edward Barbanell) and agree to take him out for a night on the town.

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When Adam's "third love" shows up at a party, he wants to do anything to impress her, including claiming to have season tickets for the Los Angeles Clippers.

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