When to have the talk dating

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Instead, agree to revisit the subject at a later date, and use that in-between time to your advantage.

Make it a point to hang out with other connected couples so he realizes that life doesn't end when commitment deepens.

The best time to catch him is when he's kicking back.

"Guys are approachable when they're doing mundane activities," says Barron.

"But make sure it's an activity that lets him focus on what you're saying." Cleaning up after a good meal or sitting in front of the tube (not when the game's on) are good options.

"Four months after we began seeing each other casually, my last girlfriend said that if I were really serious, I'd want to move in with her by our one-year anniversary," recalls Tim*, 26.

"Being straight with him definitely worked in my favor." The best tactic is to frame your wish list around a phrase that eases him in, claims Jordan.

"You might tell him, 'I've been thinking about our relationship.

If you're truly tired of your current status and sense that he might be dawdling, say sayonara.

"When I finally brought up marriage, my ex explained that he loved me but he had these huge matrimony fears that he had to get over," recalls Sarah, 26.

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"He might feel skittish hearing the B-word so soon, even if he's glad to be that person in your life," Barron adds.

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