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***hint hint** 🙂 I'm trying to subscribe but itunes isn't letting me. - Building list, Selling, Organizing, Healthy lifestyle I am looking forward to hearing more episodes on your podcast I jumped on this the moment I saw it was available!

I will continue until it works because I REALLY want to be and to hear all your episodes. I've listened to the first two episodes so far and it's a lot of fun!

I have started to offer making and editing videos for them. mt=2&ls=1 Hover over the podcast and you'll see a play button appear on the left side. The instructions for andriod users were confusing/didn't work. I sent you to my list, facebook page (personal and website), and told a ton of friends about you. I blew through the first 4 in a matter of hours and devoured the 5th one as soon as I saw it. I loved the Gabisms and I loved the practicality of the actions Noah gave to Dustin on how to move the needle. I subscribed, gave it my very best i Tunes review, and blew up all my friends. It was because of your episode on the Tim Ferriss show that I had the courage to start my own blog and newsletter. I could dive into what businesses I am in order to justify why "It would be useful for me" to spend a day with Noah but I'm not lookng forward to sitting down with Noah and xpecting him to spit out his years of experience of business in just one single day... And I smelled like soap, me not being a hunter trying to attract deer, bears, and moose. Why reach strangers when your friends are looking for information about your podcast? review (wish I could screenshot it), down voted the one hater review I could see ( Qea), and will blast to my 28k email list once you post a certain interview ? An actionable podcast that's more valuable than 99% of paid content out there.

The episode with “fan-boy” Justin episode the best so far. Of course if Neville shows up, that will be my favorite episode. Because it's awesome to learn from someone who has been there, done that, and didn't get complacent. First episodes are great and I look forward to many more. You are an excellent communicator, and I have learned a lot from you. Reviewed the podcast [It's the review that ends like a pirate always ends his reviews/convo’s], CHECK. Shared with my fellow pirate captains & shipmates on twitter and in the co-working boat, CHECK. I made sure I listened to each episode before blessed you with five stars. If I don't get an opportunity to personally beat you in chess, just know you have added a tremendous amount of value to my life over the past few days. His talk inspired me to think differently about the art of startups. As I said in my i Tunes review, I've found myself in a much less supportive and dreams-posistive living environment than I've known before, and having voices and real humans to look to and up to in this really accessable way is a lifeline for me. I already had some friends to listen especially after I introduced them to your writing at Ok Dork. Hoping to be amazing enough to have a conversation with you one day, much less you mention me in any one of your resources. My email list and company is so small I called and told them all individually. You do talk kinda fast, so one has to listen really carefully to catch everything. I heard Noah speak at a lean startup con in Austin 5 years ago. I've only listened to the one episode so far, but it's completely bringing me back to podcasts as of today, regardless of the contest. I look forward to both listening to the rest of the journey here, and perhaps crossing paths one day when I am more of what I can be, which won't be without help, some, most appreciatedly, from you, your companies and your guests. *hugs* Looking forward to playing Disc Golf with you one day or sharing some adventures in Thailand. I wanna be just like you when I grow up (wipes tear from my eye).I have a meeting with my investor later today and I am using your suggestion for numerical goal and a breakdown of how I am going to get there for each month. We all know failure and getting back on the horse are a main ingredient to achieving success but the little moments that were eye-opening are what I think hold a lot of value (a la Tim sharing in Denver that changing your geography really 'sunk in' and opened new lines of thought/action for you). In the short time there with Tired Timbo, you nailed it.Promoted the podcast on my company's Twitter account with a GIF of a freaking-out Kermit the Frog. Dear Chief Sumo Taco Dude (and expert at making me send you money for goods) loving the podcast, esp the Jason Fried one.

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