Vitual dating game

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Vitual dating game

This is not just a Tesla thing, as alluring as the brand might be. The German automaker VW managed to kill the future of the diesel car when it was forced to admit that its emissions claims were completely bogus – a development that forced it and other car makers to throw all their efforts into electric vehicles.

It is a sign, noted Johnston and the other analysts, that the days of the internal combustion engine are numbered. Then there are technology developments and environmental concerns.

Alliance Bernstein’s Mark Jones also called it a “game changer”, and so too did Evercore ISI analyst George Galliers.

“To us the vehicle is ‘the game changer’ and will likely play a critical role in Elon Musk’s desire to expedite the auto industry’s transition from internal combustion engine to electric,” Galliers wrote in a client’s note.

“It’s not sex but it is sex,” says Regina Lynn, author of The Sexual Revolution 2.0 and a columnist on sex and technology for

But, he says, the real-world functionality of computer-enabled sex toys hasn’t really caught up with its potential. But there was a real person on a computer somewhere in the world making her avatar have sex with my avatar by clicking a pink ball on the ground. She was an avatar in Second Life, the online, 3D, digital world developed by San Francisco company Linden Labs.And just to add to the mega-themes, Saudi Arabia said it is planning to establish a $US2 trillion sovereign wealth fund by selling off its state petroleum assets in preparation for a world beyond oil.I was having sex with a Dutch girl when my wife walked in. “I don’t like the phrase ‘virtual sex,’” Lynn says, “because it trivializes the experience.

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India’s roads minister last week was quoted as saying he wanted all cars to be electric by 2030.