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The protestors blockaded Highchester Abattoir south of Brisbane on Tuesday morning, preventing workers from entering.

The group of 24 activists from Animal Liberation Queensland were responding to a video of a calf being kicked and stomped on by a slaughterhouse worker.

In September, 2006, IGN ranked the show 9th in their list of the .

He delivers scathing reviews of nearly every movie featured on the show, which does nothing to boost his ratings or popularity.

Most fans don't really count this one among the main series.

His boss Duke Phillips thinks he's gay and keeps mistaking his statements for come-ons, and his elderly chain-smoking make-up lady Doris loves to inflict verbal abuse on him.

Jay is the adopted son of former New York governor Franklin Sherman and his wife Eleanor.

Not to be confused with Mel Brooks' first film or R.

Animal rights activists have stormed an abattoir after horrific undercover footage emerged of a worker stomping on the head of a baby cow.

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Their butler Shackleford (not pictured) has a tendency to greet Jay as "Adopted Master Jay" whenever he sees him.