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Validating windows software

The NAP health policy server can use a health requirement server to validate the health state of the NAP client or to determine the current version of software or updates that need to be installed on the NAP client.

For example, a health requirement server might track the latest version of an antivirus signature file.

It has no MMC snap-in and does not support Auth IP-based IPsec enforcement.

As such, it can only be managed via a command-line tool called netsh, and the IPsec enforcement is IKE-based only.

connect issue That error didn't stop me from deploying, building, debugging (or anyting) my project it just annoyed me.

And it came on even if I set all projects to be build in a current configuration and the setup project not to.

I have been receiving this error for a while when using devenv on an automatic build.

The NAP health policy server can also act as a RADIUS-based authentication server for the NAP client.A NAP enforcement point is a computer or device that can evaluate a NAP client’s health and optionally restrict network communications.NAP enforcement points can be IEEE 802.1X-capable switches or VPN servers, DHCP servers, or Health Registration Authorities (HRAs) that run Windows Server 2008 or later.What we do have is a workaround that we believe will work for almost all of them.If you are still suffering this issue then you can try to change the DWORD value for the following registry value to 0: This just happened on VS2015, and the registry fix worked for me too. I've logged one already to request turning off auto-detect dependencies, which has caused me no end of pain - and which may actually help if that's the root cause.

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