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Validating surveys

Rather, they tend to focus at best on awareness campaigns i.e., posters and dispensing condoms [].In addition, the diversity of construction work makes it difficult to standardise or implement meaningful HIV interventions on construction sites.The surveys were self-administered in English and (an indigenous African language) to 487 men and women residing in a township in Cape Town, South Africa. The items contained in this scale are shown in Table ], together with three scale items drawn from a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) International Collaborative HIV/STD Prevention Trial conducted in China, India, Peru, Russia and Zimbabwe. The pool of 24 items was subsequently refined to a 9-item scale, with dichotomous response options as either ‘Agree’ or ‘Disagree’.Higher scores indicated higher levels of AIDS-related stigmatizing attitudes.

The forms shall be compiled and handed over to the head of field work in order to be delivered to the head of office work.All three measures reflect information about HIV casual contagion, HIV transmission/prevention, and HIV disease processes.For the 2004 Kalichman and Simbayi scale, adapted specifically for use in South Africa, item responses were coded as ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘Don’t know’ [].He shall also supervise the quality of work completed by examining sample forms in the office and on the field, direct the attention in case of any errors made by researchers working under his supervision.The leader shall be in constant contact with the Directorate through the registrar and the field work head to be well acquainted with up dated information and receive new instructions issued through circulars issued by the Directorate from time to time to solve technical problems and avoid any difficulties and hardships encountered by the researchers in the field to improve work quality.

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