Validating holistic scoring for writing assessment santa clarita dating

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Validating holistic scoring for writing assessment

Her research interests include early literacy development, and factors that influence children's attainment and progress in writing. She completed her doctorate at Oxford University, where she designed and implemented an intervention aiming to improve children's writing.

Maria was formerly a consultant at Oxford University, evaluating evidence on children's language and literacy development, as part of a government funded review.

Significant differences between children of different age and writing skill were also found.

The findings indicate that the instrument has potential utility to professionals assessing children's writing.

Content validity of the instrument was demonstrated through inspection of item total correlations which were all significant.

Analyses for concurrent validity showed that the instrument correlates significantly with the Wechsler Written Expressive Language sub-test.

Her research interests include teacher attitudes towards inclusive education and interventions to develop skills in literacy.

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The study involved 97 children aged 7–11 from one urban primary school in England.

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