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Updating vmware tools without reboot

# Create the config object $Config = New-Object VMware. Know that if you are not just updating the tools within each ESXi Host, there are several steps you will need to take (these are also discussed in the FAQ as well as below in the Auto Deploy/Host Profiles section): To better understand how to make the VMware Tools lifecycle easier, you must first understand how VMware’s products, like Update Manager, interact with the environment.

***NOTE*** this can be tweaked to look for specific VMs or groups of VMs Get-View -View Type Virtual Machine | foreach #you can then disable this and set it back to the default value with this: $Config = New-Object VMware. This is because Invoke-VMScript uses VMtools to invoke the command in the guest.

you can also use the –Guest Credential if you have the credentials (get-credential) stored in a variable, in place of the –Guest User and –Guest Password parameters.

Upgrading VMware Tools means installing a new version.

That is, you can also use this new version of VMware Tools in virtual machines on ESX/ESXi 4.x hosts.

Virtual machines in a v Sphere 5.0 environment support the versions of VMware Tools included in v Sphere 4.0-5.0.

When you upgrade VMware Tools on Linux guest operating systems, new network modules are available but are not used until you either reboot the guest operating system or stop networking, unload and re-load the VMware networking kernel modules, and then restart networking.

This behavior means that even if VMware Tools is set to automatically upgrade, you must reboot or re-load network modules to make new features available.

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