Updating psp to latest firmware

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Updating psp to latest firmware

It comes in a plastic bag that -is- strong enough to lift it out of the box.

I tried this several times and it really is strong enough – so keep the bag (I’ll have more to say about moving the printer later).

The printer can connect to all sorts of cloud and remote sources for print data too, but I’m limiting this review to printing of photos from a local computer. The software looks for printers connected via whatever method you select.

The basic specifications: It’s a big printer – you will want someone to give you a hand getting it out of the box.You also need install a Maintenance Cartridge (MC-20) This slots into the back of the printer.I’ll refer to ink usage during the course of the review, but it’s worth noting the ink levels shown on my computer, right at the start of my testing.Don’t rush it and set aside an hour or so to get things running – there are several times where you just need to leave the printer for a while as it does its stuff.A new PRO-1000 needs setting up, which consists of installing the print head and 12 inks.

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The symbols in the top corner refer to the active printer connections – this was when the printer first turned up, with wireless activated, just after I’d plugged in an Ethernet cable.

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