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Updating ps2 software

You may even find equipment drops that you cannot purchase directly out of the depot.Similar to the ISO-4 scaling based on time spent, this item drop is given only to players who have participated for the majority of the alert.We want to discourage players from swapping from their faction to the “winning” faction as much as possible, and this is a behavior we’ll be looking very closely for when the system goes live.This system will soon be on the public test server, and we look forward to any feedback you can offer both now and after it goes live to PC and PS4 later this month.This was especially noticeable toward the end of the process, where continents would lock abruptly, often interrupting high-intensity battles in a dissatisfying or anticlimactic way.With this month’s update, we intend to bring back a stronger sense of connection between your actions as a player (or squad of players) and how those actions impact your win or loss of a continent. First, random alerts have been removed (at least for the time being).

If your faction triggered the alert and won the alert, you’ll receive the most amount of ISO-4, as well as a loot box reward.

Finally, the Meltdown Alert will also offer more interesting rewards in a couple of different forms.

All players will receive an amount of ISO-4 (the implant progression currency) for participating in an alert.

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