Updating jlist

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Updating jlist

q = R.(T, q0, m, options) similar to above but where m is a mask vector (1x6) which specifies the Cartesian DOF (in the wrist coordinate frame) that will be ignored in reaching a solution.

The mask vector has six elements that correspond to translation in X, Y and Z, and rotation about X, Y and Z respectively. The number of non-zero elements should equal the number of manipulator DOF.

This method can be used for robots with 6 or more degrees of freedom.

The product C*qd is the vector of joint force/torque due to velocity coupling.

The diagonal elements are due to centripetal effects and the off-diagonal elements are due to Coriolis effects.

This matrix is also known as the velocity coupling matrix, since it describes the disturbance forces on any joint due to velocity of all other joints.

For example when using a 3 DOF manipulator rotation orientation might be unimportant in which case m = [1 1 1 0 0 0].

For robots with 4 or 5 DOF this method is very difficult to use since orientation is specified by T in world coordinates and the achievable orientations are a function of the tool position.

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