Updating intel ata controler

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Updating intel ata controler

thinkpad_acpi, sony_acpi, etc.) instead of the ACPI driver.acpi_force_32bit_fadt_addr force FADT to use 32 bit addresses rather than the 64 bit X_* addresses.' can be used in combination with single or multiple 'acpi_osi="string1"' to support specific OS vendor string(s).Note that such command can only affect the default state of the OS vendor strings, thus it cannot affect the default state of the feature group strings and the current state of the OS vendor strings, specifying it multiple times through kernel command line is meaningless. acpi_osi="Windows 2000"' is equivalent to 'acpi_osi="Windows 2000" acpi_osi=! 'acpi_osi=' cannot be used in combination with other 'acpi_osi=' command lines, the _OSI method will not exist in the ACPI namespace.strict (default): access to resources claimed by ACPI is denied; legacy drivers trying to access reserved resources will fail to bind to device using them.lax: access to resources claimed by ACPI is allowed; legacy drivers trying to access reserved resources will bind successfully but a warning message is logged.

acpi_no_auto_serialize [HW, ACPI] Disable auto-serialization of AML methods AML control methods that contain the opcodes to create named objects will be marked as "Serialized" by the auto-serialization feature. acpi_osi= [HW, ACPI] Modify list of supported OS interface strings acpi_osi="string1" # add string1 acpi_osi="! # enable all built-in OS vendor strings acpi_osi= # disable all strings 'acpi_osi=!

But it may still not able to affect the final state of a string if there are quirks related to this string. For broken n Force2 BIOS resulting in XT-PIC timer.

This command is useful when one want to control the state of the feature group strings to debug BIOS issues related to the OSPM features. acpi_sleep= [HW, ACPI] Sleep options Format: See Documentation/power/for information on s3_bios and s3_mode.

old_ordering causes the ACPI 1.0 ordering of the _PTS control method, with respect to putting devices into low power states, to be enforced (the ACPI 2.0 ordering of force_enable causes the kernel to set SCI_EN directly on resume from S1/S3 (which is against the ACPI spec, but some broken systems don't work without it).

acpi_use_timer_override [HW, ACPI] Use timer override. For some broken Nvidia NF5 boards that require a timer override, but don't have HPET add_efi_memmap [EFI; X86] Include EFI memory map in kernel's map of available physical RAM.

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acpi= [HW, ACPI, X86, ARM64] Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Format: force -- enable ACPI if default was off on -- enable ACPI but allow fallback to DT [arm64] off -- disable ACPI if default was on noirq -- do not use ACPI for IRQ routing strict -- Be less tolerant of platforms that are not strictly ACPI specification compliant.