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Updating excel from the web

You wanted to create a chart in excel that shows the scores of the students one after another.

Now if you were to create a chart by specifying a range in excel, your customer list can always exceed the range specified.

The participants them email back that file, and the manager can simply copy, paste special...

And if you add some cool hacks/additions, pass them along, so we can all enjoy them.Also for some type of charts, for example line charts, the empty cells in the yet unfilled cells in the range can still be treated as 0 and hence may show a wrong picture. Similarly for the category labels, you can specify the ‘names’ range to be picked up.In this case, the chart will simply go from the last point straight to 0 and that can startle people (especially your head of department). And there you are, ready with your excel chart with named ranges.A named range is a group of cells that have explicitly been given a name.Every time you refer to that name, the workbook automatically knows that the user is referring a collection of cells that name represents.

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