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Join Views Thus far I've been talking only about cases where the View is based on a single base table.

Raise Post Back Event(String event Argument) 10 System. How would Oracle know how to divide the new value we assigned?This argument would hold for any situation where the View had a pseudocolumn or expression column, like this example, or perhaps one created through the use of DECODE. The Oracle SQL Reference details other situations where your View couldn't be updated. Execute Db Command(Db Command command, Data Source Operation operation) 386 System. Execute Delete(IDictionary keys, IDictionary old Values) 303 System.

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Handle Error Helper(Int32 err Code, Oracle Connection conn, Int Ptr ops Err Ctx, Opo Sql Val Ctx* p Opo Sql Val Ctx, Object src, String procedure, Boolean b Check) 999 Oracle.

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