Updating android to 2 2

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Updating android to 2 2

A short time after the screen turns off while the device is on battery, Doze restricts network access and defers jobs and syncs.During brief maintenance windows, applications are allowed network access and any of their deferred jobs/syncs are executed.Any time the screen is off for a period of time and the device is unplugged, Doze applies a subset of the familiar CPU and network restrictions to apps.This means users can save battery even when carrying their devices in their pockets. Doze now applies restrictions to improve battery life even when the device is not stationary.Turning the screen on or plugging in the device brings the device out of Doze.When the device is stationary again, with screen off and on battery for a period of time, Doze applies the full CPU and network restrictions on alarms, and GPS/Wi-Fi scans.Background processing is an essential part of most apps.When handled right, it can make your user experience amazing — immediate, fast, and context-aware.

Job Scheduler offers control and simplicity, and we want all apps to use it.

This feature is especially important on low-memory devices.

ART manages profile-guided compilation in a way that minimizes impact on the device battery.

It does precompilation only when then the device is idle and charging, saving time and battery by doing that work in advance.

One of the most tangible benefits of ART's JIT compiler is the speed of app installs and system updates.

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The best practices for adapting your app to Doze are the same whether the device is moving or not, so if you already updated your app to gracefully handle Doze, you're all set. Project Svelte is an ongoing effort to minimize RAM use by system and apps across the range of Android devices in the ecosystem.