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It’s on the awesome side of, well, awesome and must have taken a significant amount of effort to compile. Hit points and defenses are calculated automatically once all the required data is in place, and drop-down boxes allow you to easily select your race and class. Okay, it’s not as bad as VB6, but it’s not best-case.The interface is straight-forward and you can save characters as XML files for editing later or print them out in proper sheet form. I haven’t tested the program in OS X or Linux with Mono, so I can’t say whether it works. The program also doesn’t stop you from whacking in a billion feats at Level 1, and the Validate feature doesn’t do much of anything.It’s easy for the occasional gem or Resounding Mace 1 to slip through the cracks and, before you know it, an entire warehouse of silver candelabra is inadvertantly left to rot on a discarded character sheet or to exist only as rubber shavings underneath a couch cushion.On a PC, you can just load your character, hit a button and everything is sorted for you.The game comes to a grinding halt as stats are allocated and powers, feats and skills are chosen.

This slow, methodical process also allows one to reflect on their choices, and you could argue that a stronger, more rounded character is the result. Writing out a character takes time – time that a lot of players (and a few DMs) fail to take into account when starting a new campaign or levelling a character.

Acrobat Reader is free to download and use, so portability/compatiblility is not an issue.

Adobe’s Portable Document Format is not known for its ability to dynamically alter on-screen values.

The potential for human error also lurks around the edges of every formula, and what should be a 4 to hit becomes 2, 6 or nothing at all.

In the case of levelling, you have to manually – and carefully – transfer items, treasure and other tidbits to your new sheet.

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When you’re done, you can save the character off for later editing, and printing is right there as well.

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