True confessions of an internet dating addict

Posted by / 17-Jul-2019 21:17

And, like many women of my generation, I had, until recently, begun to see men through a very different set of goggles: ‘baby goggles’.

Lovely eyes, engaging smile, decent height and a full head of hair. When I was wearing my baby goggles, which was pretty much any time there was a nice-looking man around, I’d see images of a doting dad holding a beautiful baby in his arms, as I pushed a designer stroller beside him.

If we really want a family, of course, we need to be out there meeting people.

But, looking for a man with whom we can have children, rather than a partner who is right for us, is putting the cart before the horse — with potential for disaster.

But what saddens me is the thought of never having children.

So how should we would-be mothers handle our baby angst?

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Once we began talking, my mind would race off into a baby-filled fantasy future. Excellent, I’d think, picturing him kicking a ball around with our children. Brilliant, I’d say to myself, imagining him riding along with our toddler strapped on the back.