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Thunderbird rss not updating

Kewisch notes there are still "pain points" regarding product development that affect both Thunderbird and Firefox, but the council felt that moving to another organization wouldn't resolve them.

"In many ways, there is more need for independent and secure email than ever.

As long as Thunderbird doesn't slow down the progress of Firefox, there seems to be no significant obstacles for continued co-existence," wrote Kewisch.

The catch for Thunderbird is that it's very dependent on Mozilla for Gecko, the Firefox browser engine that Mozilla eventually plans to replace with a newer Rust-based rendering engine called Servo, alongside technologies being developed in Mozilla's Quantum project.

So in my case I can simple do: Now because we are good developers at the moment I cannot show you a screen shot with a broken test.

Nor can I show you a screen grab of an another teams failure as this would be strictly against the Oracle blogging policy.

Does the possibility exist that they can be merged, that is, I can click on CS/Software and see all of the feeds underneath it? Then export the items as a opml file and import it again on Thunderbird.

give the feed a name and pick where you want the search to turn up.

I like importatnt stuff in my inbox so that is what I choose as the location: You can then filter based on various terms.

It turns out you can do this in Thunderbird, the internal nature of the website rules out Yahoo Tubes et al....

Select the feed you want to get a filtered version of and do New-Saved Search....

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