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As a culture we are just beginning to recognize and to pay better attention to TDV.

There has been a tendency to minimize the seriousness of those relationships because adolescent dating partners don’t typically share households, financial interests or children.

While we never think that hitting is a good thing, we understand some of those hits as distinct from TDV.

With these barriers—minimization, limited legal recourse, limited service options, fears, anxiety about reporting requirement, negative social consequences, etc.–it is not surprising that most victims of TDV never tell an adult about their experience.

They have not had a lot of evidence to make them believe that we could help them.

By incorporating conversations about TDV in your work and by listening to what young people have to say about their feelings and experience of abuse, you can create a culture of trust where young people feel that they have something to gain by disclosing their experience.

Incidence and Impact As indicated in the statistics above, both boys and girls experience forms of teen dating violence (TDV); however, it is important to note that girls and boys are differentially impacted by these forms of abuse where girls who are victimized report significantly higher rates of fear and injury than do boys who are victimized.

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