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Mark Andrews, 21, met Tyler 11 years ago, when Mark's family moved to Port St. Tyler and Mark's younger brothers were friends, and the families lived down the street from each other.

When Tyler was 10 years old, he showed up at the Andrews' house after a fight with his mother. Mark told Tyler that all parents pissed off their kids and Tyler, calming down, agreed. Tyler's friend Markey Phillips missed the party because he was visiting his grandparents in Chicago that weekend, but he had hung out with Tyler two nights earlier, playing video games and watching television at Markey's house. But two weeks before that they had been hanging out at Markey's house when Tyler blurted out, in the middle of a conversation, that he "wanted to kill his parents and have a big party after." Nobody had ever done that before, Tyler said — throw a huge party with the bodies still in the house."That's crazy," said Markey. Nobody ever took Tyler seriously when he talked about killing his parents.

Word was that his name was Tyler Hadley, he attended Port St.In a Facebook chat with his friend Mercedes Marko on July 2, 2011 — two weeks before the party — Tyler complained that his mother had confiscated his cell phone.Matt Nobile: did u do it Tyler Hadley: no but im gonna Matt Nobile: bet? Named after the patron saint of people with eye problems, the town was the brainchild of three Jacksonville brothers — Frank, Elliot and Robert Mackle — who were determined to profit from the massive migration of retirees to south Florida. Space Age Homes." The images were fantasies, of course — the land was still swamp — but the price was right. Lucie for just down, and a month, much cheaper than the more expensive retirement communities farther down the coast.Tyler answered the door wearing a long black T-shirt, black Dickies and black Nike Air Force high-top sneakers.He seemed anxious, or at least as anxious as you can be while on Ecstasy. His eyes were large and white, his pupils expanded, and he kept rubbing his hands together, nervously clenching his fists."I don't want no one smoking inside," said Tyler.

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Cigarettes were extinguished on the rug, the kitchen counter, the wall.