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Stock option backdating cases

Approved: A term referring to an application for life insurance being approved and accepted by the insurance company.The application can either beapproved as applied, which means the health class and premium approved matches the original quote; or; approved other than applied, which means your health class and premium will differ from your original quote.By knowing the definitions to these terms, your study of the subject should be much easier.Accelerated Death Benefit: This benefit is sometimes part of the policy and at times is added as a rider.If the insurance company is given due notice of the assignment, the policy benefits will accrue to the person named as assignee.The company does not guarantee the validity of an assignment.Annual Renewable Term (ART) Life Insurance: Term life insurance that renews on an annual basis.

As an example, an actuary can determine the extra cost of risk presented by a cigarette smoker and present the findings to the insurance company to help compute the extra premiums a smoker will pay.

In this life insurance glossary, we have defined many of these terms used throughout this website and, perhaps in your policy).

If, at any time you come across an insurance term in Life you don’t understand, come back to this glossary and look up the definition.

An agent must be appointed by the insurance company in the state(s) business is being written in order to submit a client’s application to the insurance company.

In some cases, the insurance company will permit agent contracting paperwork to be submitted along with the first application in that state.

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