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The name of the Borough Theatre is still visible high over Beethoven's head, when viewed from the far side of the dual carriage way. In the courtyard behind the old West Ham Town Hall. This marker was set up by the Carpenters Company, whose arms are displayed on it. The Carpenters Company originally owned much land in Stratford.There is a second unnamed carved animal figure with a porcine snout in the same courtyard, but the latter has no accompanying notice giving its name or that of the sculptor. This is commemorated by a pub called the Carpenter's Arms situated in Carpenters Road.The authorities were slow to deal with the problem, and not much was done till the "Great Stink" of 1858 when even the Houses of Parliament had to hang disinfected linen over the windows to counter the smell from the river.Joseph Bazalgette (1819 1891) was employed to build a London-wide sewerage system which is still in use today.

They eventually had to stop at Hazeldean where the passengers stayed the night while a messenger rode off on horse back to arrange for more fuel.But in 1933 it was converted into the Rex Cinema and in 1969 it became a Bingo Hall.These changes of use may account for Beethoven's look of displeasure.When built, it had two large Moorish style chimneys, but these were pulled down in World War 2 because they were thought to provide a landmark for enemy bombers.The pumping station and the road got their name because the land in this area had belonged to the Abbey of Stratford Langthorne, which owned several mills. This building extending as far as Bridge Road, was originally the Borough Theatre and Opera House, erected in 1895.

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Some quite recent maps still label the area where the Olympic Games will be held as Stratford Marsh.