Speed dating fairfax va

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Speed dating fairfax va

Soon she found herself considering a new career path, one in which she could draw on her experience as an accountant for Fortune 500 companies.Last week, after winning her first political race, Hughes was sworn in as Chesterfield’s commissioner of revenue, a 6,000-a-year post. They both lost the statewide contests to Democrats Justin Fairfax and Mark Herring, respectively.Adams, who was raised in Chesterfield County and still lives there, said the fact that he and Vogel carried the county but Gillespie lost should not be interpreted to contain any profound lesson.While the number of whites in Chesterfield declined by 10 percent from 2000 to 2010, the percentage of blacks grew by 4 percent and Latinos more than doubled from 3 percent to more than 7 percent.At the same time, Republicans’ victory margins steadily declined. Warner was the first Democratic gubernatorial candidate in four decades to get more than 40 percent of Chesterfield’s vote.

In 1997, Republican James Gilmore’s margin of victory in the county was 25,000 votes.

“In presidential years and in governor’s races, the county where Republicans had their largest margins was Chesterfield,” said Bob Holsworth, a retired Virginia Commonwealth University political science professor.

“It was where Republicans did their best.” But the county evolved as its population mushroomed by nearly 25 percent between 20.

The results in Chesterfield are also a potential harbinger of what looms beyond Virginia, in suburbs where anger toward Trump is motivating voters bent on defeating Republican candidates in next year’s midterm elections.

“That’s a huge red flag for Republicans and an opportunity for Democrats,” said Jesse Ferguson, a national Democratic strategist.

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Besides championing Northam and the statewide ticket, they pushed local residents running for ; a mental health administrator who came within 128 votes of defeating a Republican House of Delegates incumbent; and a British-born accountant who ran her first race and is Chesterfield’s newly elected commissioner of “I wouldn’t have done this every day for the past year if I hadn’t gotten so angry about Trump,” said Wright, 46, a mother of three who observed politics from the sidelines before last year’s presidential election.

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