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And I can’t remember the last time I’ve donned a neon wristband.Despite all this, here I am, sipping an expensive cocktail amid a sea of young Jews schmoozing around a dance floor.While most people in the basement of the Hawthorn that Saturday night don’t know each other, they all seem eager to mingle.Most are friendly and enthusiastic, if a little bit sheepish about why they are there.Benji Marx, a 26-year-old musician and educator in Berkeley, uses the Internet to meet people, but he does not have profiles on JDate, Bubby or JSwipe, because he finds them alienating.“The dating websites for Jews are really oriented to having a family.They feel similar to that same mindset from Jewish camp, where the prized campers are the ones who meet at camp and got married and now have a plaque on the wall at the dining hall.

She decided to attend last minute, donning a long shimmery skirt and tight crop top, and she brought her non-Jewish roommate along as a sidekick.The most recent event — a dinner for 60 people — sold out, and coming up is a Purim party organized with Emanu-El and a weekend trip to Las Vegas at the end of February.The Facebook page has 428 members, and the newsfeed is regularly populated with information about other Jewish social events in the city.On JSwipe, the profiles contain very little information other than a series of photographs, a scroll-down menu for preferred Jewish identity (Just Jewish, Orthodox, Traditional, Conservative, Reform, Willing to Convert, and Other), a box to check if you keep kosher, and the option to pull information from your Facebook profile.Some of the Jews in their mid-20s I spoke with said they are turned off by Jewish dating apps, because they seem more focused on finding partners to start families with than finding people to hook up with or date casually.

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Even though she is adamant about only dating Jewish, she said, she still uses secular dating apps to find a Jewish partner.

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