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Soludo consolidating nigerian banking

Two weeks ago in Kaduna, each of the panellists was asked to make a closing remark.

Walker said most cryptically: “Let everybody begin to pay tax”.

And last Saturday, wife of a State House of Assembly Speaker ordered policemen to beat some men of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) on patrol for daring to question the non-use of seat belt by her driver.

These are some of the governance issues we must tackle along with restructuring if we are really serious about the future of our country.

It was so odd a response that there was an exclamation from the audience. Until we begin to run our nation on the basis of what everyone can bring to the table by way of taxation, we are not going anywhere.

And by that I mean the productive capacity of each citizen rather than the resources that are buried in their family compounds.

On Thursday and Friday last week, I was also part of the dialogue at the 4th session of the Prof Ibrahim Gambari’s Savannah Centre conference on the theme, “Is Restructuring the Panacea for National Cohesion and Good Governance?

” The lead speaker for my panel, Bishop Hassan Matthew Kukah said Nigerians cannot hold conversation on more than one issue at the same time.

Walker, who has spent considerable time in our country, prefaced his intervention with a rejoinder of sort.

Well aware of the 90-day timeframe established by the Constitution for the entire recall process to be completed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Melaye’s Super Judge fixed 29th September as the date to hear the Motion on Notice, knowing for sure that by then the entire recall process would have lapsed–and become, in the words of the Senate leadership, a waste of time!

Thanks to Ms Lola Shoneyin who provided the platform for the conversations about our country that lasted four days and successfully hosted her annual book event, Kaduna was the first in a series of several formal and informal engagements on Nigeria that I have actively participated in within the last two weeks.

Nobody needed any telling that he was angry as he made his presentation.

“Nigeria is a failed state”, Dr Abubakar Othman, who teaches African Poetry and Creative Writing at the University of Maiduguri, repeatedly declared before launching into a song, or more appropriately, a chant, rendered in a “strange” language.

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Incidentally, another speaker at KABAFEST, Dr Razinatu Mohammed, an associate professor of Feminist Literary Criticism, also from the University of Maiduguri, was no less scathing about the state of our country but she located the problem within the context of rule of law. Can you imagine our lawmakers calling a lawful process by the voters a waste of time?

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