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But it isn’t the only thing happening in your life. My Feelings, match my Words, match my Actions.” Having integrity is more difficult than you may realize.If you’re ready to make your love life a priority again, it’s time and you deserve to be loved and cherished without excuses. It’s time to put some effort into your love life so that you can find love… Some single parents re-enter the dating pool may be afraid, ashamed, feel they are not good enough; others may be angry, jaded, insecure; and yet others are possibly even excited! In celebration of Single Parents’ Day, I developed “STICKY…” a line of intentional jewelry that supports dating confidence and helps you find love. In fact, most of us think we do, without realizing that there is a disconnect between feelings and words, or even before feelings—because we don’t take the time to check in with ourselves to be clear on what we are truly feeling and what we need. Next time you have a decision to make or an opportunity to contribute your opinion, stop for a second and think about what you want to say.

Parenting is one of the most deliciously fulfilling experiences of your life.

Perhaps James Bond won't become Jane Bond, but does that mean that there isn't a gender imbalance in that series that seems out of step with reality?

It's possible that the conversations audiences are having are already being mirrored by those in charge of a particular property — or, perhaps, will end up inspiring some.

In comic books, Marvel offered readers an African-American Captain America and a female Thor, while finding success with the teen Muslim hero Ms. This willingness to change the rules — or, at least, introduce new elements that challenge the conventional wisdom — only fuels the fires of those demanding more change, and new ideas, in favorite properties.

Intentionally or otherwise, it sends a signal that the fan discussion is being heard, if not always acknowledged.

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not only put Bucky Barnes into cold storage (literally) but pushed Cap into a relationship with Peggy Carter's niece, fans have expressed their disappointment by making #Give Captain America ABoyfriend one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter in the U. The most obvious is that social media has made it far easier for fans to be heard — by other fans, by creators and by the world at large.