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“The trainer told me he looks for dogs that have a very high play drive,” said Nat Evans, a forensic analyst with the Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division and Charlie’s handler, “meaning they want to go out, they want to play, they want to find — you know, her incentive is, ‘I find the smell, I get my toy.’ ” Training took place over four weeks in Delaware County, Ohio, with Azzi International Service for Dogs.

The dogs are trained to detect a specific chemical found in all electronics.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the busty brunette, 22, shared a screenshot of her profile photo on the app - which displayed her eye-popping cleavage for all to see - to confirm to fans her account is genuine.

While she is known for her sizzling social media snaps, Demi shared the screenshot to confirm to followers her profile on Huggle was real - after many began to worry someone was pretending to be her on the app.

“And the name of that weapon, the name of that special tool, is Charlie.” Marlon V.

Miller, a special agent in charge of Homeland Security in Philadelphia, said Charlie has “game-changing abilities.” “As technology advances, devices become smaller and smaller, and criminals are better able to hide the elements of their crime,” Miller said. During her training, the K-9 located a micro-SD card — roughly the size of a fingernail — under a carpet.

She was making her public debut as an “electronic-detection forensic K-9.” The first of her kind in Pennsylvania and one of fewer than two dozen nationwide, Charlie will be deployed with the Internet Crimes Against Children Pennsylvania Task Force, tasked with sniffing out small hidden electronics, from CD-ROMs to flash drives, in suspected predators’ homes.

In 2016, according to Whelan, more than 3,000 tips led to 300 arrests statewide, 29 in Delaware County.

Yet, she went on to deny both romances, telling Mail Online: 'There was speculation we were dating but we weren’t, we were just holding hands and acting like a couple for the video.'Crediting her fame simply to 'dedication and a bit of luck', she admitted she was focusing more on her career than romance - and planned to move to LA or New York in the future.

Why they're in front of bars and not behind them, no one knows.

Evans, who has been with the department since 2009, said Charlie doubles as a family pet. He said his daughter has made a habit of kissing her good night.

And she has been “therapeutic” for him as well, Evans said.

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