Shunpu den

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Shunpu den

I really would like to hear about international releases of Suzuki films from those of you who have seen them and how they stack up to the Criterion and HVE releases., the image quality is quite impressive.I think the Criterion titles are better films overall, but the Homevision movies are probably more representative of his genre work, so I would definitely recommend them to fans or anyone with an interest in Japanese the list until they are officially announced by Criterion. But, I am extremely excited about the prospect of having both of them in a good release from Criterion.My comments on Here are comparisons of the criterion and the second sight disk's: Tokyo Drifter Branded to Kill The Criterion's are obviously better, better contrast and sharpness and the SS doesn't show much more picture at all.I don't know anything about the origin of the Laserdiscs that the SHF discs come from. It doesn't say who it is on the track though, and from the interviews I've read, Suzuki seems to take the John Ford approach to talking about his films, so I'm guessing it's either someone else or it's a really sparse commentary. I'm not sure if the French DVDs have English subtitles or not. Also, I'd be interested in listing any VHS releases with English subtitles of films that aren't available on DVD. It's fun, a great film, and worthy of a legit release next to Youth of the Beast. Can't speak to the quality, but there are many there I want to see.

Pistol Opera Special Collector's Edition Yeah, it seems like the superhappyfun discs must have come from Japanese releases, but most of them aren't listed on CDJapan. It's pretty crude (it's massively overscanned, it loses a lot of picture quality, and the subs are really bare-bones, old HK-style subs), but you can watch the film now. The other releases there have no English subs and are from Japanese laserdiscs.

I didn't know it was Kimstim, but from what I heard the trilogy is acquired for DVD release.

Kimstim doesn't have a great record, but hopefully this is a chance for them to proove themselves.

A new French discset is out, including Story of a Prostitute, Tattooed Life, and Flower and the Angry Waves. Can't speak to the quality of the releases, but I've heard the other two sets were high quality.

Des cinéastes qui se sont employés à faire l'éloge de la femme, il y en a eu quelques-uns et notamment au pays du soleil levant.

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Events occur in the film, mostly off-screen, and the conversations reflect those events and inspire action among the characters, most of which gets cut away from before it fully plays out.

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