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United thought they had equalised in second half stoppage time, but Chris Basham's effort was ruled out for a fractional offside call.35 years on from the sinking of HMS Sheffield by an Exocet missile, the full and un-redacted Board of Inquiry (BOI) findings have been made public.We will be working closely with Middlesbrough and Sheffield United as part of our investigations.'Anyone with information that may help police are asked to call Cleveland Police on the non-emergency number 101.Middlesbrough won the game, their first home match since relegation last season, 1-0 thanks to Rudy Gestede's first half header.It was hurriedly purchased by the RN and subsequently fitted to many surface ships, it is still in service today.

Phalanx is entirely automated and would almost certainly have saved the Sheffield.Unless you were aboard HMS Sheffield between 14.00 and 14.04 on 4th May 1982, you can never know precisely what happened or what it felt like to be on the spot.Despite the supposedly reliable evidence of the board of enquiry now available, we should exercise caution when passing quick judgments on the actions of men on the frontline 35 years ago.Children as young as 10 have been caught up in fan violence following a Championship match.Over 200 supporters of Middlesbrough and Sheffield United clashed following their game on Saturday evening, according to Cleveland Police.

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