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Despite having the advantage of a truly unique working relationship, it soon becomes clear that she will have to use every trick in her arsenal, if she is to avoid the transition from predator to prey. He’s in his final year of college, he is on his way to graduate, and he has the perfect girlfriend.

When a journalist friend asks for his help to track down a missing girl, they uncover disturbing shennanigans on campus that threaten to complicate his life.

While creating this disassembly guide I damaged one membrane because I wasn’t careful enough. Gently press on the key cap until it clips in and connects to the retainer. Turn the key upside down and take a closer look at the locking clips.

Again, you have to be very careful removing the membrane. It’s possible that one of the clips is damaged and because of that the key will not clip on the retainer.

) After you found a new key, put it back in place the same way as I described in the situation 1. The space bar key is connected to the keyboard a little bit differently then any other key.

Take a closer look at the key retainer, it’s connected to the keyboard at four different points.

This key will not stay connected to the retainer either.

If that’s the case, you’ll have to purchase a new key.

Contains some brief scenes of violence/gore, none of which are in close proximity to the sex. A disaffected female modern history teacher falls prey to a rogue form of superhuman who have discovered how to willfully evolve their own minds to give them all sorts of new abilities—particularly, psionosexual domination.

A newly minted white slaver is thrust into the Machiavellian world of her fellow human traffickers.

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Separate the retainer from the space bar key with a flat head screwdriver.

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