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Sexual trauma services dating

At one point, she was referred by one of her professors to student services after coming to class intoxicated.

She was reprimanded for poor judgment and placed on academic probation. Fights with her boyfriend became more frequent and at one point she began to cut her arms "just to get a hold of herself." She started to think of suicide.

When he was finished, he told her to get dressed and get in the front seat.

He drove her right to her home without having to ask directions. She came home that day, went up to her room, and took a shower.

Not only is this notion erroneous, but it is what keeps many woman silent.

The immense power within a woman cannot be destroyed.

It can be hidden under scars that feel like they will last a lifetime.

She discussed the symptoms of depression and her inability to sleep.

Never was she questioned about a history of sexual assault, nor would she volunteer the information.

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She explained her irritability and at times violent outbursts.

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