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Posted by / 18-Jun-2019 11:01

It had been a long time and we hd not yet visited the new location. Awesome crowd of beautiful people enjoying their time together..someone even pulled a light socket out!! We are a good looking sexy mid-40s couple and hoping that there are sexy couples there.

Mostly, it was kissing and touching (for us), but for others in the upstairs, it was full-on multiple partner sex as well.We soon found ourselves going at it and having a soft swap with another nearby couple! The next time we went up, 30 mins later, it was absolutely packed out. We ended up next to a couple and in only minutes we were all enjoying eachother. It was in a hotel penthouse suite, which was very spacious and had a fantastic view of the city.When done we watched others having sex and soon went at it again. It would be nice to be able to chat ahead of time with another couple downstairs and then go up, rather than strictly relying on chance. We were the youngest couple in there, but it was still fun.Everyone dressed classy and sexy, and although several couples danced erotically, there wasn't anything lewd about it.Really, it was like being at a dance club, but everyone was friendly.


I was worried it would be predominantly young couples or much older, but it ran the spectrum and regardless of age (hard to tell in the perfect, subtle lighting, everyone acted like they were at camp together.