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She was at he thinnest when she won even thinner than she was in high school. He was running the pageant and he is behind calling former Miss Americas horrid names and blackballing them after their reign so their professional careers were thwarted (NT) -- dina, 12/30/17 Sat Yes, and I'm sure DCP had it out for Sam too. When caught - they dithered, then they promised to investigate while really promising to find out who leaked the emails. (NT) -- Basketball Fan, 12/28/17 Thu Ugh I adore most of those winners as well.(NT) -- dina, 12/28/17 Thu No, she is a fat f**king c**t who is only trying to promote herself and ruin the MAO. Oh boo-freaking-hoo, poor Sam is getting a taste of his own damn medicine. They were enough for dick clark productions to dump MAO months ago. Danielle Demski I wish had had a better gown at USA, it was nice, but a step down from her great TEEN USA gown.Kate Shindle wrote an entire book that was largely a bashfest but you all are mad because when someone tells him Mary Ann Mobley died in the midst of the book being promoted he says something off color? I hope that no one ever has their emails released in this way.His worst crime to me was discussing these types of things over work email where there is no expectation of privacy.

has it occered to you that mallory gained weight because she was stressed out because of the situation. They are a sad group of sycophants trying to keep their plush positions. Mallory is going to win., 12/28/17 Thu My favorite was Hillary Meyer, Miss Kansas USA 2000. [ Post a Reply to This Message ]My favorites in date order: Danielle Boatwright, Tiffany Meyer, Kelly Lloyd, Danielle Demski, Jacqueline Bruno, Samantha Casey, Alyssa Campanella, Audra Mari.You wish I was someone from that family so you can tell yourself that everyone buys into this stupid crusade.I see this like when the civil rights movement waited on their Rosa Parks because she was a perfect victim. She wasn't the first woman who refused to give up her seat. She is trash and never good enough to wear the crown.There's no doubt that Mallory is behind all of this. I hope Mallory sues the crap out of him and Nan for slander (NT) -- PF, 12/30/17 Sat Yep. Tiffany Meyer was just so solid, I'm still a bit shocked she placed 4th at USA 2000, the Who Wants to Be Miss USA shtick for me had Tiffany advancing instead of NH, even though I liked Bridget too.Whatever, you and pig face Gretchen need to find better ways to make livings rather than coming after a group of people who were merely expressing some exasperation with having to deal with these prima donners. Tiffany had great gowns to TEEN USA and USA, I think her gown and presentation was better than Lynette and almost on par with Jina's (AL). I adores Kristen Johnson of Kentucky and really do feel she could have won either Miss Teen USA or Miss USA. The winner Hong Kong, USA tuslly the reigning Mrs NY Americawho competed against and lost to Mrs America.

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No, she has every right and it is the only way the MAO can move into the right direction. N., 12/28/17 Thu The death comment that Sam made from what I read was an offhand comment about a Miss America who wrote a book attacking him.

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