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Jerry previously enjoyed an intense romance with millionaire property tycoon Warwick Hemsley.

However, it foundered on the fact that he was based in Australia and Jerry could not travel to be with him enough The author, broadcaster and professor of evolutionary developmental biology at Imperial College in London had charmed her four children, and during their year-long liaison Jerry had gushed: ‘He is lovely and clever and very handsome.

They have also apparently been spending time together in California.

She likes younger men — such as previous boyfriends George Waud (a film producer) and banker-about-town Tim Attias.

The match, confirmed yesterday by friends, of the brilliant and ruthless businessman and the charming social butterfly best known for putting up with Mick Jagger’s infidelities, is certainly surprising.

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It has been suggested that Jagger’s lawyers put a complex series of conditions around Jerry continuing to stay there, and it was reported that if she got married or cohabited with a man, she would have to leave.

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She has called their two years together the happiest of her life, though, and described that time as ‘peaceful and non-dramatic’, adding: ‘I think I’m so lucky at my stage in life to have found someone so lovely, and to love and feel loved.