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Yes, I know Burundi has ratified African Youth Charter 10th, 11, 2006.

I also know the East African Youth Charter for Human Rights and Good Governance of August 2009.

Because my country has been having issues with sustaining youth involvement within the government structures.

For this reason, we have no youth parliament or even a national youth council only factions of what might represent specific interests of the youth but not whole councils.

There is currently in operation national youth policy being implemented with full participation of youth and led organizations of which i am a member.

This being persued through the national youth council in ghanathe document has been signed but not ratified as yet.

Issues should not be just in books but at least practical, youth themselves should participate in international forums and collaborations.

Youth development sensitization is only concentrated at the major and prominent cities in Nigeria,which is not up to 1/3 of the total population of youths in Nigeria.

This activity was supported by the Ivorian youth ministry.

They have also taken part in the quasi totality activities carried out in the west Africa region about the political situation in the country for several years now.

They have also organised some activities of sensitisation about young people rights and rules and their implication in politic.

It defines the rights, duties and freedoms of them to hold them accountable for their development and empowerment.

As far as I know, Ethiopia declined to ratify the AYC because the age limit or gap described in the charter. Raymond Agoussou and she told us that she is the African states to sign and ratify this Charter.

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Though not very effective, access to SRHR education is promoted and campaigns against HIV/AIDS can be clearly seen The ratification of the Africa Youth charter has boost the youth consciousness on politics, economic, social and cultural domains.