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Sex chat messangers rooms

Such status elevates the slave over the barbarian slave woman, who was born on Earth and brought to Gor on the voyages of aquisition.

Additionally, some slaves — male and female (though far rarer with the male slave) — have a pedigreed lineage going back through several generations of slave matings, and their masters hold the papers to prove this. Exotic slaves, such as passion slaves, are slaves bred, not captured.

We had never been told, in so many words, that that was the sort of slave we were.

Perhaps the Gorean girls had understood, clearly enough, but I do not think we girls of Earth had, at least not is so direct a way, not in the way, certainly, which seemed to be summarized so clearly and succinctly by that one expression.

It is a felony in Gorean law to forge or falsify such papers.

This page will touch upon the various categories of slaves.

The region or the specific origin or use reserved to a girl is often the basis of classifying the "type" of slave a woman (or man) is.

"The feminine type of male silk slave, incidentally, for better or for worse, is seldom selected for breeding purposes.

Gorean slave breeders, perhaps benighted in this respect, prefer what they take to be health to what they think of as sickness, and what they take to be strength to what they deem weakness.

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I had known, of course, I was not a house slave, or a tower slave, for I was not permitted to kneel in fashions appropriate to those varieties of slave.