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and It should be noted that where both parties to sexual activity are under 16, then they may both have committed a criminal offence.

However, the overriding purpose of the legislation is to protect children and it was not Parliaments intention to punish children unnecessarily or for the criminal law to intervene where it was wholly in appropriate.

There is absoloutly nothing anyone can do about it even if the girl is underaged as he had her say so as much as you dont like the idea if there going to do it there going to do it wther you found out or not hey can look at it in one way atleast she is being sensible and in a relationship rather than finding out shes had sexual intercourse with a non relationship one night stand as they say.

Just try and go about it nicely as you dont want to push them away and them not tell you anything and become distant from you I agree with you Chelsea, but unfortunately my Mum and sister think otherwise.

Id had a chat with her in the early days about waiting etc, but despite that I found a packet of pills in her make up bag when I was looking for the mascara she had "borrowed"!

We had a chat, he hadnt put pressure on her, she had gone before hand to get the pill from a clinic so was safe.

I then suggested she maybe get the implant as she is forgetful and she took herself off to the clinic with her boyfriend to get it done.

The Crown Prosecution Service has issued guidance to prosecutors, which sets out the criteria they should consider when deciding whether or not it is in the public interest to bring a prosecution.

Question: My girlfriend just found out that I visit sex chat rooms online. I told her it wasn't anything serious, but she says it's cheating.

Is online sex considered cheating the same way realworld sex is?

You know what you need to do if you want to keep getting real-world sex at home: Decide whether your desire to do something "recreational" is more important than your girlfriend's feelings.

If you care about her, lose the online sex—or lose the girl.

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They are trying to punish me for my kids actions, not sure how Im supposed to make any of that better!!