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I am cherokee indian and my grandfather Walter Kenova Bradby use to be Chief before he passed away.

We visited family in Front Royal; Tappahanock/Rappahanock; Grand Dad's Brother married Grand Mother's Sister; Dad's double-first cousin, Augustine Willis married Mom's Aunt, Viola Clarke.

Im 30 years old and I have a family tree that my grandmother showed me and I am an ancestor of "Pocahontas".

I dont have any clue as to how to find out because I never was able to be close to my biological family.

We'll be coming from Toms River from an adult community on Rt 70.

I have sisters and brothers Ive never even seen before.

Father's Side: Timothy Willis (son of Erie"Cue"Willis & Phoebe(Cosby)Willis; Ware Neck, Matthews County; Willis &/or Tabb Plantations.

remember that our heritage is sacred and unique- not that many people can honestly say that their veins carry our blood.

I know very little at this point but would be very appreciative af any help that you can provide.

I have been studying and gathering geneology for my family on my own and from others.

I am honored and delighted to discover that I am the 14th great-grandaughter of Rebecca Rolfe, otherwise known as POCAHONTAS, through her son's marriage.

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