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Reflect on this today: What is most authentic about you? Next: How to practice self-kindness Client story: "I can't accept myself as I am," said Lilly, a 38-year-old film producer. "If you were willing to accept yourself, you might start feeling good enough now," I said."I don't think I'm good enough yet." "When will you be good enough? Lesson: Self-acceptance teaches you that you are not who you think you are.Income Tax return due date for non audit cases in respect of assessment year 2012-13 is .In many cases Individual has not deposited full tax or tds has been short deducted means there is balance tax liability due to interest u/s 234B, 234C or due to other reason.

Over the next 10 days, focus on just one main principle and exercise on the pages that follow. "Because," she said, pointing at herself, "I don't know who this 'self' is that I'm meant to be accepting." Lesson: The journey of self-acceptance starts when you acknowledge that you don't seem to know much about yourself.Robert Holden has a 10-day plan to help you figure out who this self is that you're supposed to be accepting and how to say yes to your life. It's a simple question that many people find difficult to answer.At the deepest level, self-acceptance is either complete or not at all, but for most, yes/no feels too limited because you worry about all the things you would like to change about yourself.Exercise: The more you judge yourself, the less you see who you really are.The habit of self-judgment causes self-denigration in which you belittle yourself, criticize yourself, punish yourself and treat yourself without kindness.

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If the taxpayer confirms the data entered in the challan, it will be directed to the net-banking site of the bank. Please ensure that CIN is printed /written on challan receipt.