Scriptures on dating couples

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Scriptures on dating couples

I recently spoke at a long-standing North American woman’s conference and was overwhelmed by the quantity and horrific nature of things wives are having to put up with in their marriages. This may sound like a rant, but please hang with me, as I think this conference was a divine appointment. One wife began our conversation with, “God hates divorce, right? “I believe He does.” “So I’ve just got to accept what’s happening in my marriage, right?Between sessions, I was bombarded by heartfelt inquiries: “What does a wife do when her husband does this? ” When she told me what was happening, I quickly corrected her.I don’t know how God stands it, having to witness such horrific behavior leveled at his daughters.Jesus says there are “levels” of love, and times when one loyalty must rise over another.

God loves people more than he loves institutions.” Her husband is a persistent porn addict.

I was invited to look in her face, see the struggle, see the heroic perseverance, but also be reminded that counsel has consequences.

So when I talk to a young woman in her third year of marriage and it’s clear she’s married to a monster, and someone wants to “save” the marriage, I want them to realize they are likely sentencing her to four decades of abuse, perhaps because of a choice she made as a teenager.

He has neglected her sexually except to fulfill his own increasingly bent desires.

He keeps dangling divorce over her head, which makes her feel like a failure as a Christian. This woman needs to be protected from such grotesque abuse, and if divorce is the only weapon to protect her, then the church should thank God such a weapon exists.

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Divorce was a weapon foisted against women in the first century, not one they could use, and it almost always left them destitute if their family of origin couldn’t or wouldn’t step up.

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