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Sbl bpr 00187 error updating business component

The customer received the following error message when trying to change the Activity Status from Done to Cancelled through the workflow process.Error updating business component at step 'Cancel Old Override Appointments'.(SBL-BPR-00187)--This error is returned when the workflow is executing the Siebel Operation business service.(SBL-BPR-00100)--Either the status value you have selected is not applicable to this activity type, or you must submit this activity using the submit button.(SBL-SIS-00181) A similar error message was encountered when changing the Activity Status field from Done to Cancelled through the UI which points to a configuration issue rather then a workflow issue.These errors occur in the task when the Siebel Operation step with Defer Write=True in the task is reached.Defer Write =True is not supported when task transaction has been disabled.

Task transaction is a mechanism that allows you to keep data associated with a task instance separate from the Siebel Business Component tables until the task data is explicitly committed to the database.BUG:10587397 - WHEN TASK TRANSACTIONS ARE DISABLED, SIEBEL OPERATION INSERT STEPS SHOULD NOT USE DEFERWRITE = TRUE Siebel Workflow - Version: 7.7.2 [18325]z*OBSOLETE: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Product Release: V7 (Enterprise) Version: 7.7.2 [18325] Database: Oracle Application Server OS: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Database Server OS: Sun Solaris 2.8 This document was previously published as Siebel SR 38-1786326823.SBL-DAT-00225, SBL-BPR-00187 Error 33007 invoking method "Run Process" for Business Service "Workflow Process Manager"SBL-BPR-00187Prc Exec Create 4 0 2005-03-02 Instantiating process definition 'RCRM Message Popup to SR Owner Engineer Dispatched'.When task transaction has been disabled, then Defer Write=True should not be used.Workaround: When Task Transaction needs to be disabled, Defer Write can be set to False on the Siebel Operation INSERT step which is affected by this.

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These values can then be updated by the user in the subsequent Task Views.