Sandara park dating chanyeol

Posted by / 30-May-2019 10:34

Cyworld message of Donghae to Donghae said SANDARA PARK in SGB.

Most had record highs in sales as many of these agencies.

" others commented in the status and said "Do you have a photo of it?

Its widely known that pre-debut, Chanyeol’s Weibo/Cyworld (I can’t remember which) was filled with Dara’s photos and at one point he even said that he wanted to marry her one day!

EXO Chanyeol: A quiet girl, cute, kind and someone who loves to smile/laugh.

Park is currently in the country to promote her film, "One Step," about a woman who lost her memory after a car accident.

The movie is said to be inspired by the hit American movie, "Begin Again." "One Step" will hit local cinemas starting May 10.

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I saw some fanfiction videos of them after I heard this rumors. Anybody who wants to post their opinions about this rumored couple are welcome here.